Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Insomnia treatment: yoga

Insomnia is a common disease which may be the result of the somatic diseases, excessive tension and the pressure of the life. If left untreated for quite a long time, will hurt the immune system. Yoga can effectively alleviate your pressure and is very effective to treat certain kind of insomnia. Here we introduce some yoga postures for treating insomnia.

plow can temporarily return your blood to your head and promote your body's blood circulation. Improve your metabolism and ease the headache.

Supine, arms on both side, inhale and slowly rise your legs(left feet can put down to have a rest), maintain 10-15 seconds before sleep.

shoulder down vertical
Based on the plow, the legs straight, shoulder down till near your legs

keep your body vertical

yoga meditation
relax, eyes closed, focus on your breathing, say first "o" then close the lips and then say "m", till completely exhaled breathe, then inhale and repeat. focus on the breath and experience the response in the brain.

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Who move my insomnia introduction

Insomnia is a complex disease that is hard to find the insomnia treatment. Do you know what
is insomnia or what is the effective insomnia treatment?
I know what you want to know:
1. Do I have insomnia?
2. What caused my insomnia?
3. Why are the common ways for insomnia treatment not effective?
4. What changed in my brain when you have sleep problems?
5. How to treat my insomnia fast
(1) How to cleverly take sleeping pills as not to get addicted?
(2) Non-pharmacological way of treating insomnia
a. Food to help you fall into sleep fast- Top 6 home remedied or insomnia treatments for insomnia
b. Six steps to Induce Self-Hypnosis
c. How to change your brainwave to the sleepy state?

These are the exact topics I will tell you....

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